About Us

Happy Scholars Academy

Happy Scholars Academy is committed to offering families high-quality childcare options and provides a secure, caring, and stimulating environment for kids to learn, develop, and thrive. Children can develop their skills and abilities through a variety of enjoyable and educational activities thanks to the hard work.

Our team of experienced and qualified educators and caregivers who work tirelessly to foster a positive and encouraging environment. Whether you need full-time or part-time care, we are dedicated to giving your kid the finest possible care. To that end, we collaborate closely with parents to meet their child’s specific requirements. Every kid deserves the finest start in life, and at Happy Scholars Academy, we are delighted to help shape the future of our neighborhood through our creative and caring approach to childcare.


Safety & Security

Here at Happy Scholars Academy, we take great pride in running a safe facility. There is always someone on site that has received first aid and CPR training, and every classroom has an emergency exit. Our center is secured round-the-clock with a pin pad access system and secure entry software, providing our parents peace of mind. These features only allow admittance to individuals who have been granted authority by the center.


Our Focus

Your childern is the center of attention at Happy Scholars Academy. In addition to recognizing the value of numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, we also emphasize the necessity for social and emotional support. We want to show you that by choosing Happy Scholars Academy, you have chosen to give your child a Smart Start. In order to provide the basis for a pleasurable and healthy path to success in the present educational system, we plan to work with you. The highest academic standards serve as the foundation for our Pre-School and Kinder-Ready Programs, but we also make sure to add fun! The Happy Scholars Academy team is dedicated to encouraging morality and healthy eating habits. We provide the delicious, healthful, and freshly prepared catered meals from Catertots. Each meal is examined by a dietician.


Our Mission

Happy Scholars Academy was established in 2023, the owner and creator of our institution. She likes interacting with children and seeing how their imaginations are stimulated. The goal was to create a space where you could feel confident leaving your children alone while they studied and played. Happy Scholars Academy wants to provide your child with a safe and supportive environment. We’ll work together with you to assist the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of your child.

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