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    Happy Scholars Academy

    Where children should be raised to become well-rounded little people, not just to
    learn in the classroom.

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    Happy Scholars Academy

    Where children should be raised to become well-rounded little people, not just to
    learn in the classroom.

Our Mission

The owner and founder of our facility, Ms.Covington founded Happy Scholars Academy in 2023. She enjoys working with kids and watching their creative juices flow.

Our Focus

The main emphasis of Happy Scholars Academy is your child. We acknowledge the significance of numbers, letters, colors, and forms, but also the equal importance of their social and emotional needs.

Safety & Security

We take great pleasure in being a secure environment here at Happy Scholars Academy. Every classroom has an emergency escape, and there is always personnel on site who has been trained in first aid and CPR.

About us

Happy Scholars Academy is committed to offering families high-quality childcare options and provides a secure, caring, and stimulating environment for kids to learn, develop, and thrive. Children can develop their skills and abilities through a variety of enjoyable and educational activities thanks to the hard work.

Our team of experienced and qualified educators and caregivers who work tirelessly to foster a positive and encouraging environment. Whether you need full-time or part-time care, we are dedicated to giving your kid the finest possible care. To that end, we collaborate closely with parents to meet their child’s specific requirements. Every kid deserves the finest start in life, and at Happy Scholars Academy, we are delighted to help shape the future of our neighborhood through our creative and caring approach to childcare.


Our Programs

Our programs are open to childern as 6 weeks old and as elderly as 13 years old. To find out more about our programs in person, stop by one of our locations. We have also partnered with nearby activity providers to improve your child’s experience. Contact us if you need more details! There might be extra fees.

Excellent infant care is provided by skilled caregivers. Reading, crafts, sensory, and gross motor activities are among the everyday hobbies.
The use of language to communicate our feelings, the introduction of letters and numbers, the beginning of scientific and math activities

The Pre-School classroom is a fun, educational setting. In this section, kids begin to transition from “play time” to “learning time.”


With our Kinder-Ready program, your child will be ready for kindergarten! This program is perfect for families for whom

What We Do

Happy Scholars

We at Happy Scholars Academy provides the following programs: Infant Care Our facility provides quality infant care for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months. Nursery and Preschool Our facility offers childcare for nursery aged children from 18 months to 2.5 years of age. We also offer preschool for ages 2.5 to 5. We offer a high-quality, academic driven, child-centered, and nurturing environment. Aftercare and Summer Program Our facility offers after school programming for schools in Irvington, Maplewood, and the surrounding areas. We provide pickup free of charge from the public/charter schools. We also offer a summer program for children ages 5 to 13 from June to August.


What Parents Say:


Happy Scholars Academy provides an enriching learning environment for children. Excellent teachers and engaging activities make it a top choice for parents.


Happy Scholars Academy exceeded my expectations with its comprehensive educational programs and excellent facilities. Truly a top-notch institution for kids.


Happy Scholars Academy provides a safe and inclusive space where children thrive academically and socially. A fantastic learning experience!


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Download the Universal Child Health Record form and the enrolment form for children. Print the universal child health record form and the application. Fill out the enrollment form completely, have your child’s physician fill out the health record information and attach the vaccination records, and bring all of this information with you when you register.

Please visit our contact page and submit the enrollment application and health record there along with a brief note if you decide to download and complete the enrollment application rather than completing the online form.

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